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Value of the awards:
Composition scholarship € 7,000
Incentive award € 3,000

In support of contemporary music, the City of Innsbruck awards annual scholarships to Innsbruck composers. The goal is to encourage the development of contemporary music in Innsbruck in the long term.
Since 2011, the total award of € 10,000 has been divided up between a scholarship and an incentive award (instead of two equal awards of € 5,000 each). The thinking behind the change was to provide support for major works by established composers on the one hand and for the activities of up-and-coming composers on the other.

Who decides?

Every year a different jury, comprising three members from the fields of music science, music education and composition, decides who should receive the scholarships.

Selection process

Local music facilities and organisations with an interest in contemporary music are invited by the Innsbruck Office of Culture to make one nomination each for each award. The nominations are then submitted to an independent jury for consideration and a final decision.

Local music facilities and organisations are involved in the selection process to ensure that suitable works can be performed quickly and to a high standard in the interest of the composers and the public alike, and of sustainable support for contemporary music.

Scholarships can only be awarded to writers who
were born in Innsbruck or
live in Innsbruck or
are continually active in Innsbruck.

Previous scholarship holders

2016 Michael F. P. Huber
         Josef Haller (incentive award)

2015 Christoph Dienz
         Julia Maier (incentive award)

2014 Daniel Oliver Moser
         Manuel Delago (incentive award)

2013 Wolfgang Mitterer
         Hannes Kerschbaumer (incentive award)

2012 Johannes Sigl
         Katharina Blassnigg (incentive award)

2011 Gunter Schneider
         Marco Döttlinger (incentive award)

2010 Ralph Schutti
         Christian Reimeir

2009 Franz Baur
         Franz Schreyer

2008 Manuela Kerer
         Norbert Zehm

2007 Thomas Amann
         Judith Unterpertinger



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