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Value of the award:
1st prize € 5,000
2nd prize € 3,500
3rd prize € 2,000

In 1969, on the 450th anniversary of the death of Emperor Maximilian I, the Innsbruck municipal authority created the Paul Hofhaimer Prize for the interpretation of classical organ music.
This international organ competition, which is organised by the Innsbruck Music School, is held in Innsbruck every three years. The competition is held in pubic in various churches, with the competitors playing on historical organs.
The performances in the framework of the competition are open to the public free of charge.

Paul Hofhaimer
Born in Radstadt on 25 January 1459, Paul Hofhaimer was closely involved with the court of Emperor Maximilian I. He first served at the imperial court of Frederick III in Graz, before being appointed organist to the court of Archduke Sigismund of Tyrol in 1478. Sigismund’s successor, King and Emperor Maximilian I, confirmed him in office together with the whole court orchestra, and Hofhaimer travelled throughout the empire in his retinue, e.g. to Linz, Wels, Vienna, Augsburg, Ulm, Konstanz, Füssen and Freiburg. Around 1509 he settled in Augsburg. After his master’s death in 1519, the court orchestra was disbanded. Hofhaimer is thought to have gone to Passau and is known to have been in Salzburg in 1522. He died there in 1537 and is buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery.

Who decides?

An international jury comprised of organists selects the prizewinners.

Who can enter?

Please consult the current notice of competition for the criteria for entry for the Paul Hofhaimer Prize.

Previous prizewinners

1. Preis: Aurore Marie Mercédès Baal, Frankreich
2. Preis: Muriel Groz, Frankreich
              Manuel Schuen, Italien
3. Preis: no award made

1. Preis: no award made
2. Preis: Charlotte Marchandise, Frankreich
              Martin Riccabona, Hall i. T.
3. Preis: Deniel Perer, Italien
              Adrien Pièce, Schweiz

1st prize: no award made
2nd prize: Oren Kirschenbaum, Israel / Manuel Tomadin, Italy
3rd prize: Magdalena Hasibeder, Linz

1st prize: Mirco Ballico, Italy
2nd prize: no award made
3rd prize: Anne-Gaëlle Chanon, France / Magdalena Malec, Poland / Andrea Vannucchi, Italy



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