Children requiring supervision in the afternoon can be enrolled at one of Innsbruck’s after-school care centres or extended-day centres.

10 after-school care centres

Innsbruck’s after-school care centres are designed as family-support facilities. They provide supervision for both learning and recreation. The teachers take account of each child’s individual personality and family background. They support the development of the children and young persons, placing a strong emphasis on tolerance and mutual respect. The children are introduced to a variety of techniques for learning and practising, which helps them acquire useful tools for a positive work ethos.
All the after-school care centres offer a lunch service.
In the Christmas and Easter holidays, two after-school care centres remain open for children who are attending a centre during the year. In the semester break, all the after-school care centres are open, and four during the summer holidays.

24 extended-day centres

Sixteen primary schools, two special-needs schools and six New Middle Schools provide reliable afternoon supervision with meaningful programmes in extended-day classes. The teachers offer support for Innsbruck families in the form of effective learning supervision and a variety of leisure activities.
All the extended-day centres offer a lunch service.





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