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Music brings people together!

Simply making music together – without any previous musical knowledge! This attractive idea has now become reality at the Innsbruck Music School. On the basis of the motto “Let’s drum together!”, Maria Zeisler and Gottfried Jaufenthaler established the Free Beat Company as a FREE music programme for Innsbruck’s young people and adults.

The musical idea

Innsbruck Music School is running a programme where people can participate in group drumming activities. It is popular with all age groups, currently from ten to seventy! During their visits to Brazil, Maria Zeisler and Gottfried Jaufenthaler saw how the local people would simply come out into the streets to sing and dance and make music. They were so impressed by the spontaneous nature of these activities that they decided to incorporate their holiday impressions in their teaching.

The result is impressive: Young people and adults who always claimed to be hopeless at music have become passionate musicians and particularly enjoy playing in the group. The programme also attracts trained musicians, who derive equal pleasure from such a relaxed style of making music with other people.

The social idea

The varied social backgrounds of the participants is a source of interesting encounters and discussions. In line with the principle “Music brings people together”, it has even been possible to establish contacts leading to apprenticeships for unemployed young persons. Interesting contacts have also arisen out of the Free Beat Company’s summer Saturday performances at Innsbruck railway station.

The health aspect

Our bodies respond to rhythm and vibrations. For their musical projects, Maria Zeisler and Gottfried Jaufenthaler therefore consult Dr. Maximilian Moser, who is an expert on the effects of rhythm on human health. He explains how rhythm helps us to find focus and release tensions in the body so that our energies can flow more freely again. The two teachers’ musical work is largely based on improvisation, and drumming is a good way to release blockages and give free rein to the emotions.

Public relations

With the support of the late former Mayor Hilde Zach, the Music School’s principal Dr. Wolfram Rosenberger and the management of the Innsbruck railway station, Maria Zeisler and Gottfried Jaufenthaler have developed ideas for performances in various public places within the city, for example in the indoor market, in the Town Hall Gallery, on Adolf-Pichler-Platz, in the railway station concourse and on Sparkassenplatz.

Further steps with the Free Beat Company

Maria Zeisler and Gottfried Jaufenthaler see rhythm as an ideal medium for relaxation and have developed various projects on that basis (e.g. in collaboration with Christian Kolonovits), which constitute a further development of their Free Beat work.

The two educationalists also hold drumming workshops for organisations and companies, including the Swarovski company, the Tyrolean Regional Government, Landesmusikakademie Berlin, the Hamburg Authority for Sport and Music, the Heinrich Schütz Conservatory in Dresden and the Weimar School of Music. They also seek to pass on their experience in seminars for teachers.

The people behind the idea

Gottfried Jaufenthaler and Maria Zeisler are music educationalists, artists and the authors of numerous music teaching materials, books and CDs for children and adults.

As teachers at Innsbruck Music School, they established the Music Workshop and teach improvisation on the piano and piano accompaniment.

Their musical work with children and adults (also in Brazil) and many years of intensive work with Indian and Asian techniques for relaxation and concentration led to the establishment of the “Deep Quiet” project in cooperation with the musician Christian Kolonovits.

They began their Free Beat work with open groups at the Innsbruck Music School in 2005.

Their workshop and seminar activities have taken them to Hamburg, Berlin, Antwerp, Brussels, Dresden, Brazil, Egypt, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Erfurt, Bregenz, Bozen, etc.



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