Contact points for event organizers, event registration, rules & regulations and info on advertising in public spaces

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Who is the first point of contact for event organizers?

If you are planning events in public spaces, the first place to contact is Service Unit Economy and tourism - Events and markets. Here you can find out if public spaces are still available and what you need to consider in general. Otherwise (e.g. for indoor events or on private property), the Department of Economy & Tourism will refer you to other offices such as the Service Unit Events and survey service

Event registration

Is my event subject to registration?

An event is generally subject to registration if it is open to the public. There are some exceptions to this.

If you are in doubt as to whether a public event requires registration, please contact Service Unit Events and survey service - Events.

When is an event public?

According to § 2 of the Tyrolean Event Act, an event is public if

  • the visitors have not been personally invited or
  • An entrance fee is charged or
  • an economic advantage, e.g. a profit, is achieved.

A public event is generally subject to registration. There are some exceptions to this.

If you are in doubt as to whether a public event requires registration, please contact Service Unit Events and survey service - Events.

What documents are required for registration?

Generally required:

  • Fully completed registration form
  • Site plan with event facilities (scale 1:500)
  • Consent of the person(s) authorized to dispose of the event site (respective landowner(s), etc.)

In case of use of public property:

For events with more than 1,500 visitors

What are the deadlines for registration?

  • Events with up to 1,000 visitors: Registration at least four weeks before the planned start
  • Events with more than 1,000 visitors: Registration at the latest six weeks before the planned start (according to Tyrolean event law)

Register your event as early as possible to avoid delays due to incomplete paperwork.

Further rules and regulations

What other permits do I need and who is responsible?

Depending on the type of event, size, procedure and location, further permits must be obtained or experts consulted.

What other contact persons are there in the event procedure?

At what point do we speak of a large event and what do I have to consider?

Will my event be monitored?

If emergency organizations decide to monitor your event, you will be notified and charged at their own hourly rates. The organizations can be:

What do I have to pay attention to when organizing events on roads?

What do I have to consider when using pyrotechnics?

Pyrotechnics must be registered with the provincial police headquarters in good time.

What do I have to observe during the event?

As an organizer, you also have special obligations during the event. Please refer to § 16 of the Tyrolean Event Act.

What are the costs for event organizers?

  • Procedural costs for the event notice
    • Stamp duty: 14.30 euros (according to the Federal Tax Ordinance)
    • Administrative fee (according to municipal tax ordinance):
      • one-time events:
        • up to 1.500 visitors: 50 Euro
        • over 1.500 visitors: 200 Euro
      • recurring events:
        • up to 1.500 visitors: 100 Euro
        • over 1.500 visitors: 400 Euro
  • possibly further fees such as the AKM le vy (levy for public music performances)
  • Commission fee for the acceptance of the event by the event authority, in this case the Service Unit Events and survey service - Events
  • Supervision costs

These costs do not include any further levies and charges for additional permits and expenses. For example, costs may be incurred for a permit under road traffic law (§82 StVO) or for the basic transfer (see list of charges).

Calendar of events

You can enter your event online in the Innsbruck event calendar You will find more information at the bottom of the homepage of the calendar of events.

What has to be considered for event venues?

The construction, modification or conversion of a venue is subject to special requirements with regard to fire protection, safety of use, barrier-free access, sound insulation and the currently applicable OIB guidelines. Therefore, events in buildings are only permitted if certain requirements are met. Furthermore, the building and fire police subject event venues to a corresponding inspection or acceptance in fire and safety matters or construction-related or emission-limiting measures. For more information, please contact Service Unit Structural engineering, fire protection and building physics

Last updated 29.11.2023